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The Barbell Warmer

      The Barbell Warmer is the world's first electric heated sleeve designed specifically for the barbell. Developed with the home gym weightlifter in mind, the barbell warmer is optimized for traditional barbells during the cold season; fitting both men's and women's barbells.

     Tested at below -5°F, the barbell warmer stands the test of cold, supplying heat to your barbell to a warm and comfortable ~105°F.

     The outer neoprene layer captures heat allowing the barbell to heat efficiently. This unique design offers a sleek look and superior quality that you can trust.

     Built with great attention to detail, our barbell warmer is a weightlifter's dream during the cold season. Built with a smooth sliding zipper that runs the course of the sleeve and 1 velcro strap on each end, applying and removing the barbell warmer is quick and simple. Simply unzip and lift.

     Our Patent Pending design makes lifting all year round easy and comfortable.

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Timed Settings 48, 24, 12 hours
Temperature ~105° F
Auto-off Switch Yes
Outer Layer Material Neoprene
Power  120V
Watts 90
Shipping Free 2-3 Day
Power Cord Length 13 ft
Weight 1.25 lbs
Compatibility 25-30mm (Men's and Women's Bars)
Application/Removal Time < 15 seconds
Assembly None Required
Color Black
Fasteners Zipper, Hook & Loop


Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Erika A.
Love it!

This warmer is great! I surprised my boyfriend with it a few weeks before Christmas to use in our garage gym and we both love it! It’s a little hard putting it on the first few times, but very easy once you get the hang of it. With Ohio temps being in the low 30s lately, it still warms the bar up quickly. Excited to be able to use it all winter!

Katelyn Prime
IOWA Garage Gym - meet your match!

My husband just surprised me with this for an early Christmas gift. We live in Iowa and my garage gym is already freezing. I was searching online for reasons why I should send it back - we have two young kids and mom guilt hit a little (it's a me problem) and I'm thinking, "there are so many things I could have bought with this $$." But then I tried it. It's for my health and that extra push to get me excited to go out to the garage and lift heavy $h*t. I LOVE IT!! Totally keeping this and bragging to all my gym buddies about how thoughtful my husband is. The quality is TOP NOTCH, I love that it was a little hard to zip the first time since it means that it will mold to my bar. When I'm cleaning up my area at the end of a workout, I put it right back on the bar for easy and fast starts to just plug in and turn on while warming up.

Brooke Merva
Love a warm bar.

I've had this for a few months now. It's a tad below freezing in my garage gym lately. This thing is great. I no longer have to workout with a freezing cold bar. I don't think I could have handled a cold bar when we get into the negative digits this winter (Michigan gets cold). This barbell warmer will make it sure that I can keep lifting through the whole winter.

Nicholas Rauch
Just what we needed!

We love our new barbell warmer. Another important “tool” allowing us to lift in a chilly old garage.
Just what we were looking for. Thanks for creating and providing this valuable product/service. God Bless.

Caroline Groves
Hubby loves it!

Husbands loves it for his garage gym. We live in Colorado and he works out really early so it’s freezing in the gym, the warmer had been perfect! So happy we found this product!