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The Barbell Warmer

      The Barbell Warmer is the world's first electric heated sleeve designed specifically for the barbell. Developed with the home gym weightlifter in mind, the barbell warmer is optimized for traditional barbells during the cold season; fitting both men's and women's barbells.

      Tested at below -5°F, the barbell warmer stands the test of cold, supplying heat to your barbell to a warm and comfortable ~105°F.
      The outer neoprene layer captures heat allowing the barbell to heat efficiently. This unique design offers a sleek look and superior quality that you can trust.
      Built with great attention to detail, our barbell warmer is a weightlifter's dream during the cold season. Built with a smooth sliding zipper that runs the course of the sleeve and 1 velcro strap on each end, applying and removing the barbell warmer is quick and simple. Simply unzip and lift.
      Our Patent Pending design makes lifting all year round easy and comfortable. 
For any questions, please email us at team@thermabell.com
Ships only within the United States.
Timed Settings 48, 24, 12 hours
Temperature ~105° F
Auto-off Switch Yes
Outer Layer Material Neoprene
Power  120V
Watts 90
Shipping Free 2-3 Day
Power Cord Length 13 ft
Weight 1.25 lbs
Compatibility 25-30mm (Men's and Women's Bars)
Application/Removal Time < 15 seconds
Assembly None Required
Color Black
Fasteners Zipper, Hook & Loop


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Hubby loves it!

Husbands loves it for his garage gym. We live in Colorado and he works out really early so it’s freezing in the gym, the warmer had been perfect! So happy we found this product!

Quality product= Quality workout

Used this product daily for a month for my garage gym and been loving it. Well made and easy to use. Helped me get through the harsh NY winter! 5 stars :)

Garage in Chicago

Chicago’s winter has been pretty horrible (as usual). I got this as a Christmas gift for my mom and that was perfect timing. She absolutely loves it. She works out in the garage (not house) because of covid (so she can’t go to her CrossFit gym) and this has really helped her. She has a heater in the garage as well as this and she is completely good to go. Love it.

Thanks for reviewing the Barbell Warmer, Amanda. Brrr! Chicago is brutally cold this time of year. We are glad to hear your mom is enjoying her barbell warmer! Great gift idea. Thanks for being a Thermabell customer!

Should've bought one months ago

There's nothing like an unheated garage gym with no insulation to make you think, "Holy s***, maybe I should take up sewing instead." Enter Thermabell. This thing works. Not sure what else to say about it. I lifted without gloves for the first time in months. Actually got to chalk up, feel the bar against my calluses, work my grip... felt great. Now if they only made one for kettlebells, dumbbells, my feet, and the floor. Love it already after two uses.

Thanks for the review, Ralph! We are sure glad we caught you in time before you began to take up sewing. We are happy to hear it's making your winter workouts a more enjoyable experience! Thanks for supporting Thermabell!

Great product - a must have for every garage gym.

COVID forced me into creating a garage gym last year and while it was great during summer and fall, winter is a bit more difficult here in the Midwest. So far, the garage stays between 30 and 40 deg F if the outside temp is above zero. This means the bars hanging on the wall get down near freezing overnight and while the kerosene heater is great at warming the garage, the bars not so much. I received my Thermabell earlier this week and I wish I had found out about this product months ago. In 10 minutes, it warms a frozen bar enough so that you grab it without your hand stinging from the cold steel. In 15 minutes, the bar is as warm as your hands and comfortable to handle. After 25 minutes, the bar is definitely warm to the touch. The Thermabell is a must if you lift outside or the garage in the winter - I'd even use it in a cold basement.
It fits over my 27mm deadlift bar and my 28.5mm power bar without a problem and covers almost collar to collar, well beyond the hand spacing rings. Buy one today, you won't regret it.

Eric, the Midwest winters can definitely make it difficult to workout in a garage gym! We are glad you found us and are having a great experience with your barbell warmer. Thanks for being a Thermabell customer!