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The Barbell Warmer vs Alternative Fixes for a Freezing Barbell

The Barbell Warmer vs Alternative Fixes for a Freezing Barbell

February 15, 2021

Over the past few weeks, several parts of the country have been hit by frigid weather which brought with it snow, ice, and for those of us lifting in a garage gym, a cold barbell.


Many people who have been adopted the garage gym life due to COVID-19, are now finding out the difficulty that many garage gym weightlifters face throughout the cold seasons of the year.

This problem of cold temperatures and unheated garage gyms has existed for decades and decades, but not until 2020, was there a viable option for overcoming the bitter cold that comes with lifting a barbell in a freezing garage gym.

This year, Thermabell launched the Barbell Warmer, which is an electric powered heated sleeve designed to fit securely around the barbell. 

The Barbell Warmer by Thermabell

This heated sleeve has an outer layer made of a durable neoprene material which captures the heat produced.

The inner layer has a rugged fabric that allows heat to pass through to the barbell shaft.

Combined, these layers allow the barbell warmer to works it's magic in the coldest of conditions.

The Barbell Warmer has a lengthy 13' power cord which runs to a timed controller. The controller has an ON/OFF switch and 3 timed-settings which include 24, 12, and 6 hours.

This means you can finish your workout, zip up your barbell warmer, hit the ON button, and return to your garage gym the very next day with a heated barbell.

That's right. Imagine a toasty barbell shaft; heatedly thoroughly from bushing to bushing.

Say goodbye to that cold barbell of yours!

Prior to the release of the barbell warmer, numberless attempts have been made to warm up cold barbells, but nothing quite as easy and effective as Thermabell's Barbell Warmer.

Below are a few of the many ideas floating around the internet. Some you may have tried yourself.


1. Hauling the Barbell In and Out of the Garage Gym between Sessions

Pros - Allows for a room temperature barbell with no extra cost.

Cons - Some may find having to worry about lugging the barbell back and forth a nuisance. This practice often times leads to nicks in walls and doors as the barbell can be awkward to maneuver in and out of doorways. Barbell may become cold during the workout depending on temperature and length of workout.


2. Throwing an Electric Blanket over the Barbell

Pros - Heat is applied to the barbell at a temperature greater than room temperature.

Cons - Poor contact between heat source and barbell. Takes time to thoroughly heat barbell. Difficult to fix blanket to barbell when stored in a vertical position or on rack. Added cost with a poor return on your investment.

As one of our customer's stated in his review of our Barbell Warmer,

"Prior to buying [the Barbell Warmer] I tried using heated blankets to warm up my barbell and it's not even a comparison."

3. Blow Drying the Barbell (Space heaters, heat guns, torches, etc.)

Pros - Similar to above. Heat is applied to the barbell at a temperature greater than room temperature.

Cons - Heating a 1' steel bar by blowing hot air on it, whether with a space heater, blow dryer, or heat gun is significantly inefficient as it can take several minutes to heat the bar. As well, the heating is often very thorough and can lead to much of the bar not being heated

As mentioned in one of our favorite reviews,

"I no longer have to lay my bar in front of my small space heater, hoping for just a bit of warmth so I can bear to touch it. [The Barbell Warmer] is so easy to use and to set and forget it."

4. Microwaving Wet Towels and Wrapping them around the Barbell

Pros - Water as a high heat retention capacity allowing the barbell to heat for a sustained period of time

Cons - Rust. Risk of burning one's self depending on temperature of water.

5. Gloves

Pros - Little preparation time involved

Cons - Can still allow hands to become cold. Affected grip at higher weights.


As you can see, the Barbell Warmer is 'The Great Fix' for beating a cold barbell and defeating a freezing garage gym. 

Not only is the Barbell Warmer effective at heating the barbell warmer, but it is easy to use. It allows those will rigid schedules to save time and still get a workout it without months of worrying about a freezing barbell. 


The Barbell Warmer was designed and built to overcome the problems and concerns that are inherently faced with these other 'fixes' for a cold barbell. 

We are proud of the Barbell Warmer and stand by it's quality and the craftsmanship behind each product.

These are a few of the reasons that we believe many are falling in love with the Barbell Warmer and are making it a well-used garage gym accessory in their home.

See what others have to say about the Barbell Warmer, and purchase yours today!




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