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What is the Barbell Warmer?

What is the Barbell Warmer?

November 22, 2020

The winter brings along many challenges as the cold settles in to garage gyms. One of the biggest challenges garage gym lifters experience is a cold barbell.

This is the barbell warmer. It was created with the sole purpose of allowing you to lift comfortably despite cold weather conditions. I'm the developer and founder of Thermabell. 

Most of us want to stay in shape and keep up our training year-round. Unfortunately, if you've ever lifted in a home or garage gym during the winter, you know that a cold barbell can be a big inhibiting factor. 


This heated sleeve allows you to lift in freezing conditions so that you can continue to maximize your performance and avoid any limitations due to the cold.

Our patent-pending design allows the barbell warmer to easily and securely surround a barbell; heating efficiently. While you're attending class, getting a good night's rest, or waiting in hours of traffic after a long day of work, your barbell will be at home heating up. When you get back to the weights, just unzip and lift.
We know life gets in the way, so if you can't make it to the gym as planned, no worries. Our controller has an automatic timed-off switch, which helps you save energy and prolongs the life of the product.

Setup takes less than 15 seconds and it's easy. There is no hassle involved. Just attach the velcro strap, fasten the zipper, and set your desired time. And when you're ready, come back and lift with a warm barbell.

If you've ever felt the pain of trying to lift a cold barbell, or you're starting your own gym and you foresee this problem, the barbell warmer is for you. After 2 years of research, testing, and development, with remarkable manufacturers standing by, we can't wait to get the barbell warmer in your hands.

Enjoy a warm barbell in your home gym this winter.

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